Prince Green does not pay his web design invoices

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In August 2003 we were approached by prince to make him a website, we agreed to do this but we were not able to complete his site as quickly as he wanted, however, after about 12 weeks and a few changes, we did provide him with a site that he was very pleased with, in fact here is a snippet from one of his emails to us:

"..I respect your work and the fact you have helped me to create a lovely website.I'm a man of my word and i will pay you for all your work you have done for me.."

we uploaded the site for him and waited for our payment to be made by the man of his word.. and waited.. and waited

This site was put up because we designed a website for Prince Green and foolishly trusted him to pay his invoice at the end. Sadly when the site was completed he promised to pay but did not.

The original invoice was sent to him in December 2003 and we made further changes for him in January 2004 which were invoiced the same month. After a further four months of waiting we pulled the site and told him that we would not put it back until he made an arrangement to pay (yes, we were even prepared to give him extended time as he kept saying he had no money)

In late June he phoned and said he needed his newspaper clippings back and he would pay £50 per week towards the bill, he asked us to send the clippings to him as he had the chance of some work. We agreed to send them and put the site back up again, he made one payment of £50 on 29th June and a second on 5th July as agreed.

His brother (who also said he was his agent) phoned to ask us to help with some promotion they were having and it needed some photos to be on a particular web address - this too was done for him the same day (at no charge) to assist him to get work. On the 12th of July we tried to get the next installment but his account was unable to pass the £50 charge. On the 13th we tried again and failed so we called him.

He declared that he was not paying any more money and that was that, we checked his site and found that he had stolen all the page layouts, text and images that we had done for him but changed the colour and logo. The rest of the site remained exactly as we had designed including the text

Keep watching this site until as it will remain until he pays up!

update: we have seen that his site is now being redesigned and the pages he took from us are not there at the moment. we shall wait to see what he does and if he uses the images from our design or not

update: well the 'new site' is up and he has changed colours again and used frames to try and make the site different but at the heart of it all our web pages are still there, the navigation we used to load the different pages and even the text and images we used are still evident. (I wonder if he has the original scanned images or the licence for the popup software for the pictures like we do)

update: as we are taking legal action against him we decided to get a copy of his current website to show it still used our code and images, he forgot to remove the 123connect tag references in the html coding... silly mistake as we can now prove the code is ours with his own pages.

update: it seems that we are not the only ones he doesn't pay, his website is down and his domain name has not been renewed

update: we are pleased to announce that we have now bought the domain name and have redirected it here.  if you have any email or need to contact prince then pass it on to us and we will ignore it

update: on 13th July 2005 we obtained a county court judgement against prince green ordering him to pay his outstanding invoices including costs and interest.  so if he is indeed an honest man then we should be taking this site down sometime after the 2nd August - however we fee sure that he will not comply unless forced to by the baliffs so keep looking back..


One of the things that he asked us to do was 'fake' a photo of him to promote his diet plan, as you can see from the "before" and "after" images below we did a pretty good job (yes it is the same picture, just a little effect added) - he tried to pass these off as a result of his diet plan, but he failed to realise that both pictures were of the same pose, in the same studio, with the same background and the same shirt - yet were supposed to be taken some time apart.  what can we say!
one of these is the real prince and the other was airbrushed by us.. which is the real one?